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Neff produces consistently premium appliances, using top-shelf materials and drawing from a well of expertise. The B44S53N5GB is an example of such; designed to be built into kitchen furniture and sporting a sleek, modern look, it's sure to streamline your kitchen for a thoroughly contemporary home. A handsome black and stainless steel finish ensures this appliance is as good to look at as it is to use while an energy rating of A helps to keep bills down so you can splash out on ingredients.



Unmistakably Neff


With a spacious 66 litre capacity, a total of 4 shelf positions and a bright interior light in place to keep a keen eye on what's cooking, the B44S53N5GB's cavity is well prepared for anything from a quick pizza to homemade pie. The elegantly bevelled glass fascia incorporates user-friendly retractable dials for superbly simple, hygienic operation while the clear silver EasyClock display keeps you informed and in control of your cooking at all times. The beautifully (and thoughtfully) bowed bar handle ensures a clearance space from the oven front while still allowing a firm grip - essential when handling heavy, hot pans - and the triple glazed door prevents harmful external temperatures while conserving heat inside.



Smart Cooking with CircoTherm®


As well as a carefully designed exterior, Neff has endowed the B44S53N5GB with a plethora of helpful functions to make cooking not just easier but more enjoyable. An array of 6 different heating methods provide a range of options as wide as your tastes. As well as top/bottom heat and a full surface grill - perfect for deliciously melted cheese on toast or a fry-up done the healthy way - this oven boasts unique CircoTherm® technology. Incorporating a fan into the back of the cavity, air is circulated around continuously so the desired temperature is reached quicker and kept even throughout the cooking process - no preheating necessary. This fan action can also be used for defrosting too, safely thawing large cuts of meat without cooking and offering a gentle touch for delicate frozen desserts.



The arduous task of a post-feast clean-up is also considered in the B44S53N5GB. Neff's CeramiClean® liners feature in the back of the cavity to prevent food, grease and residue from fusing to the oven surface, helping you to save on elbow grease for more enjoyable pursuits. TitanEnamel is also present throughout the oven to protect the appliance from scratches and wear while the ingenious Slide&Hide door makes for incredibly easy access to cooking food and safe loading and unloading of bulky pans.



Benefits of the Neff B44S53N5GB Single Built In Electric Oven


  • User-friendly retractable dials provide superbly simple, hygienic operation
  • The triple glazed door both protects from and conserves high oven temperatures
  • Desired temperatures are kept even during cooking with CircoTherm®
  • Save on elbow grease for more enjoyable pursuits with CeramiClean® liners
  • The Slide&Hide door makes for easy, safe access to cooking food